September 27, 28, 29
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Share your photos of Culture Days!

Photos of your events help us to promote Culture Days to more communities and to demonstrate its impact—and we love to see everyone enjoying their local arts and culture scene!

Every year we receive thousands of photos from all over the country, and managing these files is no small task. So that we are able to organize and use everyone's images effectively, we ask that you follow a few basic guidelines for identifying your images.

The file upload widget below only accepts a single file at a time. Please place all of your photos and videos into a single folder and compress the folder, then upload the compressed file. This file should usually have a .zip extension. Here are instructions for creating a .zip archive file from a regular folder on a Mac and on Windows.

Please ensure all the following information is included with your upload:

To clearly indicate all of this information, we suggest that you organize your photos into clearly named folders. You could also name each image file individually, or submit separate uploads for each day or event, or include text files in your upload indicating which photos are which. Here's an ideal example:

Please upload your image files at the highest resolution and quality possible.

Terms and Disclaimer: By uploading photographs, videos, and other files using the above widget:
(a) You give Culture Days permission to use the image, voice, likeness, and name of the subjects of the photos, videos, and files without remuneration;
(b) You grant Culture Days the right, without limitation, to use, edit, modify, distribute, and reproduce the files, in any format and medium, for any advertisement, publication, promotion, broadcast, marketing, press materials, documentation, or other projects;
(c) You acknowledge that you have no interest or ownership, financial or otherwise, in any product or copyright from the files, and that no one, including Culture Days and its affiliates, has any financial commitment or obligation to you as a result of this agreement with respect to uploading the files;
(d) You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to secure any necessary permissions/licenses and to give proper credit as needed if the files contain the work of other individuals or organizations. (e) The rights granted herein are perpetual and worldwide.